Hello, fellow passenger. I'm Animal Poet, a musician and writer that lives in the Forest with my wife and son.


"Animal Poet" refers to every human— an Animal with instinctual drives for food, sex, safety, etc. and also a brilliant Poet capable of finding and creating meaning, beauty, and love out of otherwise ordinary things.

The world is ripe for meaning-making. So I use music, poetry, philosophy, psychology, psychedelics, activism, and other stuff to shape the guiding mythos— to create a world out of the formless void— personally, artistically, and socially.

To the extent that I'm capable, Animal Poet is my vehicle to help co-create the evolving mythology of humanity. To help give us new stories to live by where the old ones have outlived their usefulness, or to retell forgotten ones, as the case may be. Honest, inclusive stories. Healing, sustainable stories. Epic stories.

Because whatever the hell is going on here, it's definitely epic.


The reason I make music is that I can’t help it. It’s like eating or breathing or having sex. It’s an instinct, a drive, and at it's best, transcendent. I've studied it since I was small, so music makes sense to me— even (especially) when nothing else does. Music partakes of both our primal animal nature and our highest reflective consciousness.

Same with writing— I've always had a lot to say, and it's always been far easier for me to say it in writing rather than through the hazy lens of my mediocre social skills.

It took me about 35 years to realize that I could just go all in on music and writing. I spent many years focusing on and trying to fix my weaknesses, before realizing that the bigger jackpots would come from doubling down on my strengths.

I finally found my true bearings— at the end of a long journey, during which I deconstructed and reconstructed my history, beliefs, thoughts, and dreams. In the process, I went from sitting at home staring at my phone to sitting at home staring at a computer making this website. A journey of 10,000 miles, but zero steps.


The result is Animal Poet, musician and writer. Nice to meet you.


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