embrace the tension

You don't have to pick one thing to do with your life.

You're a complex creature. There are many overlapping drives in you, and they don't all want the same thing.

Your cerebral cortex might have you think that you're a single, definable entity. But really, "you" are many interdependent systems over which "you" have varying degrees of conscious "control," from a lot to none at all. Your brain alone has many layers of conscious and unconscious processes that shape your thoughts, desires, personality, and behavior.

We're animals. Amazing* animals that evolved to be creative and productive and sexual and afraid of harm and nurturing and aggressive and logical and emotional. You're fucking amazing! Every human, nay, every living thing, is fucking amazing.

Don't try to cram that epic 14-billion year journey of cosmic evolution into a small box. You'll be bursting at the seams.

Some hard-won advice: find ways to balance conflicting desires. Be willing to sacrifice the heights you imagine you could reach if you only ever did one thing. Because that's just not healthy. You evolved to be curious, to seek novelty and variety. Don't fight it. Chase the shiny object. You'll be more successful at whatever you do when you're more balanced and fulfilled.

Look for creative ways you can answer that "either/or" question with "BOTH." Find the gray area of reality and possibility in between the black and white extremes that your mind creates in a noble but false effort to simplify.




* "Amazing" here means what it used to mean before we started using it for everything.

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